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Ilene Fitchback (application redo) by greg11922
Ilene Fitchback (application redo)
camouflage cloak from Ettie's enchantments
-45 on Stas' new rifle
+50 more from TOI super group mile stone

Name: Ilene Fitchback

age: 12

skin color: green

Eye color: Posh green

badges: Early bird

weapons: none

accessories: rectangle glasses, haunter's hood.

powers: Psychic rage, the muse.

weakness: Schizophrenia: She sometimes has hallucinations of different things. She usually starts to experience very bad hallucinations when she feels stressed out or scared. She usually starts hearing voices and in the more extreme cases, visual hallucinations.  

personality: She's pretty odd. She usually carries a very calm and collected composer but tends to be jolly around those she considers friends.

back story: She comes from moonstar village. She mainly wants to see what the world has for her and discover her purpose. She currently has adopted parents and she does not like talking about her old parents.

Interests: She loves reading...a lot. It's the main thing she does and she hopes to maybe start writing.

Stitches: An imaginary friend that seems to talk to her at random times. Not much is known about him but Ilene says he's a business man with a hint of jolliness.


Other characters:



age: 11

eye color: Let's just say brown :P (Lick)

power: Minstal: He is very influenced by music. if he thinks of a song that makes him feel exited, he might well be able to catch up with a dashing lop. If he hears a song that makes him feel like he's flying, you'll swear he'll stay in the air for a few seconds longer than he should.

Weakness: Very socially awkward. He doesn't really pick up on jokes and can't detect sarcasm very well. He also doesn't really know how to start a conversation well.

Back story: A strange Imperi boy who seems to wonder around Astros directionless. Nobody really knows where the kid came from, but it's pretty obvious he's not going back judging from his hesitance to talk about his home. All they know is that he seems to be looking for some kind of purpose.

Personality: He is very strange boy to say the least. He's rather reclusive and somewhat timid.

Interests: He loves reading horror books and other very popular series. Tales of the Starman (basically mario) is one of his favorites.


bEN mAjuRA:

Gender: male

Class: Rouge

age: 15

*Updates*  lost 15 coins for Quick Step

Bio: A simple small town thief who, after making a name for himself in Starjoy, decided to move on to other towns to avoid arrest. Ben grew up in a pretty unstable household and was often ridiculed by those more fortunate than him. After a few years, he eventually found some friends, but they were more of the seedy type. After these friends found that Ben was pretty good at not being noticed, they started teaching him all they knew about thievery. His old friends taught him the ways of the ruffian and he soon embraced his sneaky abilities. Ben started stealing when he was around seven years old and it became very fun for him. It also helped him get by as food was a pretty common problem for him. His friends were eventually arrested for an accidental murder, in which Ben left his hometown in fear of being associated with the accident. Ben took what ever he could carry and left to seek new opportunities with his skills in thievery, even if he does get in trouble. In his years of picking pockets, he's seen how comfortable and seemingly uncaring most of his targets are and he has developed a very bitter grudge against those who are rich. Now a days, he is starting to tire of his shady life.

personality: He tends to act very course and rude toward most people. If he's trying to be nice, all he'll do is talk very straight with you. Inside though, he's actually very soft.

Weakness: Insomnia. After being a ruffian living on the streets for so long, he's become very sensitive to anything that creeps around at night as to not get caught while asleep. It's not very helpful though, as he often has very restless nights and sometimes can't sleep at all.

Accessories: White scarf

Weapon: assassin's dagger

eyes: Umber

Color: Black and white

power: 1. Light touch
            2. Quick step



Coin history: none

nickname: Stas

Accent: Russian

Age: 20

Species: Cloven

Class:  Craftsman

Weapons: 1. Rifle from forge
                 2. Shovel from trail game 

Powers: Durable: after years of hard work, he's able to endure quiet a lot of physical strain.

weakness: He never received too much of an education in his hometown and isn't the smartest around. He doesn't have a very good grasp on the Astronian language and tends to speak in the third person.

Bio: A foreigner from the northern regions of Astros. He grew up in a very poor little town and worked with his father on farming what they could and blacksmithing. Working with his father was difficult and tedious, but it seemed to pay off years after. Even if living conditions were bad, his whole town was pretty closely knit. Everyone knew who everyone was and everyone tried to help each other if needed. Stas grew accustom to this very brotherly way of life and holds it dear. When he was in his late preteens, his father started telling him about legends of adventurers finding treasure, defeating grotesque monsters, and solving the most complicated of riddles. Stas started to dream of becoming one of these famous legends and started thinking about what he could do when he got older. Years went by and he declared on his eighteenth birthday, that would be making his way to middle astros. Although his family was hesitant at first, but they decided to let him go, as he they deemed him mature enough. The journey was dangerous and long, taking him a year to finally get to astros. When he finally arrived, he found himself alienated by the way people acted and how things were. After spending another year of low paying work and homelessness, all he's left with is his old father's hammer, what ever coins he could scrounge up, and his dream.

Personality: He's rather abrasive at first but it doesn't take long to see that he's actually a very nice and humble soul.

Trivia: Has an odd obsession with plush toys and will try to get one if he can. Main alcoholic drink is traditional vodka mixed with berries. Loves the musical gigs done by different musicians in bars and other places.


Name: Vince

age: 17

Species: Faux

Class: socialite

Weapons: none

Powers: none

Clothes: Camo cloak

weakness: Has a very hard time concentrating and tends to have a very hazy memory. It seems to be a side effect of the berries he likes to eat.

Bio: Growing up in the poor areas of Starjoy, he had to put up with quite a lot. While he didn't have much, he was able to get his hands on a few art related books and gained an interest in the field, mainly in surrealism. His family was rather apathetic about what their son did so often times, Vince was able to go out when ever he wanted. In the neighborhood he lived in, he managed to get into some...rather unpleasant situations. Mainly his bad history with his dates but not much is known about that. The most apperent aspect of him is that he uses these very strange berries that give him some very vivid hallucinations.

After spending most of his life in Starjoy, he decided to move out on his own. He ran away from home at the age of 16 and after a year of hell, he found an old abandoned tree house which he decided to occupy. around when he turned 17, he was found by Ben wondering around while experiencing a very bad trip. Ben helped Vince through the night and afterwords, Vince allowed Ben to move in with him in his tree house. 

Personality: He's very shaky and nervous a lot of the time. If you can get onto his good side, he'll seem a little bit more laid back.

Trivia: the berries he eats cause hallucinations and feelings of euphoria but can sometimes produce very frightening hallucinations.

In storage right now:
Stas' hammer
Tuff's birthday (Smaller)
The bigger version runs much slower so I decided to put this out to maybe see if it looks better even if Is smaller.

again, happy birthday
Tuff's birthday
I'm sorry if this took a while to get to ya bruh. I hope ya still like it dude.
Stas' Rifle (TOI) by greg11922
Stas' Rifle (TOI)
The new rifle I got from the forge.

costed 45 silver coins.

I plan on buying a bag for him so he can hold the ammo a bit better.
Be there or be the square root of pancakes


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