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This sweet little girl is now 12 :D by greg11922
This sweet little girl is now 12 :D
I almost forgot about this sweet little girl's birth day that was back in september! Tell Ilene happy several month late birthday! :D
Event 5 Introduction part 1 by greg11922
Event 5 Introduction part 1
    Vince wandered along the dirt roads of Yellobrite as he searched for the alleyway him and Ben usually met up at, the setting sun lighting the way. He never liked meeting there but, Ben insisted on making sure nobody would see them. Even with the cold weather and Vince's dislike for their hangout, he was still excited to hear from his little Imperi friend. Ben had recently invited to a party and Vince was looking forward to hearing what Ben had to report. More than anything, he just wanted to see him happy.

    Vince finally starting approaching the alleyway between the Yellobrite general store and Inn, and, as expected, Ben was already there. Vince couldn't help but smile as he neared his favorite shorty, but found his smile vanished as soon as he saw Ben's furrowed brow and bitten lips. Vince shakily took his seat next to him, wondering what the hell could have happened. A tense silence had overtaken the area. Vince couldn't take this silence for long and asked "Somethin' wrong dude?"

    Ben groaned slightly as he let himself lazily slide down to sit down with Vince. After sitting himself down with Vince, he said "The party...sucked..." Ben sighed again, as he laid his head against the side of the building. "How the hell could it have gone wrong?" Vince said, seemingly disappointed. "Do you really want to fucking know?" Ben said, tilting his head slightly to glare at Vince. Vince nodded his head, to Ben's dismay.

"Uuuuhhgggg....So I got invited to the party right? Well, it turns out it was run by this Imp bitch I met a while ago." Ben finally took his head off the side of the building to face Vince. "I think you told me about that actually...I think...?" Vince could recall the topic, but couldn't remember the topic well. "You really need to stop eating those berries. I know you still do and you gotta quit that crap for Dara's sake." Ben grumbled to Vince, wishing to change the subject. He really wished he would stop doing those, and someday, if Vince didn't try to help himself, Ben would do it for him. Vince scratched the back of his head as he whimpered to himself for a second. Not wanting to think about it any further, he asked "Can you just finish the story?" Ben rolled his eyes and continued.

"Basically, I was running from the pigs when I bumped into this Imp and sliced up my leg with my knife. Need to get a sheath for this damn thing..." Ben took out his blade, cursing it for forcing him to deal with the aforementioned Imp. "Anyway, she started yelling at me for bumping into her as I tried to get up. My leg was fucked and since she was the only one there that could get help from, I had to beg her to help me. She made it pretty damn clear she did not like me and I'm pretty sure if I hadn't said I would do anything for her, she would have left me to be dragged to prison." Ben finished his long winded story with yet another one his dis.

"So basically...she hates you?" Vince stated. Ben looked at him, holding back his desire to smack him. "Yeah basically." Ben gave an intentionally fake smile to try and let Vince know that he doesn't have the patience for his crap right now. Vince put his hands up defensively. "Hey...just sayin'..." Ben sighed and shook his head in annoyance. "So this same Imp invited you to this party and...?"

"I went to the party and what happened was, she was having some kind of scare-o-thon or some shit. Basically, Some random people go around scaring the guests and blah blah blah. Nothing too bad right? Well ya wanna know what really gets my blood boiling? When one of the people she had going around the house punches me right in the fucking face!!" Ben slammed his fist against the wall, nearly breaking his fingers "What kind of fucking jerk off invites someone they don't like just so they can punch them in the face?! That fucking shit, bitching little demon-" Ben bit his lip before he said any more species-based slurs. After letting himself calm down, he gave an irritated sigh.

"dude, it's alright, it's alright. I'm sure it was just one of her friends being a dick." Vince said, trying to rationalize the situation. "Yeah, and I'm the only one who got punched. She's must have known I was there and told her friend, the cunt." Ben was rubbing the sides of his head. "Dude just let it go. Even if she is a bitch, it's not that important." Vince shrugged. Ben just sat there while looking down at his legs. "Well hey, I've been hearing about some shit that's going on up north. Some portal opened and a bunch of Imp refugees are coming out of there from what I've heard. I'm gonna go see if I can help and I think it would be nice if you came with me." Vince awaited an answer, hoping Ben would agree to come. "Nah...I got other things I need to do..." Ben got up and prepared to take his leave. "hm. I've heard that the portal is near the mountain where Skyhaven is on. If you change your mind, there you go..." and with that, the two went their separate ways.
I owe a lot of credit to ZeldaTheEpic (aka Dan) For helping me with my writing. :D Thanks bro.

Here's a link to him:

Go look at his stories. He's an amazing writer and I would again like to thank them for helping me with this. :D
RipelyPixel by greg11922
I haven't done these in a while. :P But damn I'm doing a lot better now :D

This was made for Sabreshot's birthday today and I am posting it at his request. Happy birthday dude!

This should be considered pretty special as on any other occasion, I would never draw Ripely. I hate him with a passion but for this event, I am willing to do it for Sabre. :D
Sleepy Ben by greg11922
Sleepy Ben
I picked up an old camera of mine and did this :P Enjoy!
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Oh you had no idea what you were in for little me...

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